So now what?

Have you ever wondered what comes next? What do you do when left with unfinished business? And whose job is it to finish the job anyway? This week we will explore these questions from the perspective of Acts 1:1-11 – so now what?

Do you want to be made well?

John 5:1-9 – do you want to be made well? It is important to be responsive to the Spirit’s leading – it is also equally important to know what we are seeking!

Love God, Love People

John 13:31-35 - It's a new day! John's call opens the possibility of a new life, a new outlook, a new hope, and the freedom to love widely.


Glenn examines collateral damage and the faithful response of naming the victims as we work to stop the violence.

Making Space

Genesis 26:1-33 - How does the recognition that the faith community is a community of aliens and strangers shape and transform the ways in which it relates to others?

An Unfinished Parable

Luke 16:19-31 – The Rich Man and Lazarus - An Unfinished Parable.  Our stories are important and we all have a place at the table.

And God Came Near

In the Christmas story we discover that Jesus is not hidden behind a tall fence, a posse or a security detail.  Jesus came near, became one of us, and hung out – this is good news, joyful news.  This week Glenn Balzer is preaching from Mark 1:40-45.


This Sunday is the first Sunday in advent.  Over the next 4 weeks we have permission to dream and to hope- after all this is a season of expectation!


What does it mean to engage the powers?  What does the work of transformation look like in 2018?

The Secret of Life

Using Mark 12:28-34 we will ask some questions.  What is the secret of life?  A good cup of coffee?  Mom’s apple pie?  Or might our text have something to say about this?  Join us as we consider what Jesus had to say about the meaning of life.