My Job

This is the time of year when we should set aside some time to count our blessings.  I have a lot to be thankful for.  25 years of marriage to a great lady, two teen boys who only occasionally stress me out and a great job. This week I want to share a little about my work and offer an opportunity for you to share in this ministry.

On December 31 DOOR officially completes 25 years of urban ministry.  Back in 1986 we were using typewriters, rotary phones, and snail mail wasn’t a recognized term.  Today all our staff has laptop computers, cell phones that do everything and snail mail is mostly a quaint way to communicate.

In 1986, DOOR hosted 175 participants. In 2011 we hosted 2,713 participants.

In 1986, DOOR had one location, Denver.  Today we host programs in six locations – Atlanta, Chicago, Denver, Hollywood, Miami and San Antonio.

In 1986, DOOR did one thing, host folks from Christian perspectives who were coming to urban Denver to serve for a week.  Today we continue to host short-term groups, but programming has expanded greatly.  This year we have 42 young adults in 9 houses spread across all of our cities living in intentional community exploring a call to ministry.  During the summer months, we hire 40 high school, college, and graduate students to help lead our Discover program.  Many of these people are emerging leaders from the urban communities in which we are located.

One of our core understandings is that heaven looks a lot more like the city than a garden.  The biblical story starts in a garden, but ends in a city.  Inviting people to the city is a little like inviting people to heaven.  It is in the city where our participants very often experience God’s call on their lives.

It has been a joy to be a part of this program for 20 years – 3 as a board member and 17 on staff.  Giving witness to our programmatic, location and theological growth has been an honor.

This level of programing doesn’t happen without your generous support.  As you contemplate your yearend giving, I challenge you to consider donating to DOOR.  Your investment will be multiplied many times over as you partner with us in raising the next generation of leaders for the church and the world.

Thank you in advance for your gift.

Merry Christmas!