Cancer and Roller Coasters

I thought I had finished writing about cancer, then today happened. Rita went in for a check-up. It was supposed to be routine. Today they were going to check her lymph nodes and tomorrow she was going to be “mapped” in preparation of four weeks of radiation beginning in early May. This wasn’t an appointment to be concerned about. As a result I am in Kansas and Rita is in Denver. Then Rita texted me, “they are going to biopsy the lymph nodes and some breast tissue near the scar.” This is how it begins. They are “concerned” so they are choosing to be extra precautious. I am grateful for their concern. I am pleased they are double checking everything.

It doesn’t end there. I want assurances. Answers. I want this to be over.

A friend emailed me. His reflection is that physical roller coasters are more fun than emotional ones. I agree.

I am a person who wants assurances. And cancer is not terribly predictable. The medial staff do their best, but things happen.

I do know how this is going to turn out. We get results in 3-5 days. I am prying that everything comes back negative.

In the midst of all this there is an emerging silver lining. Rita and I are learning to live for today. Beyond this moment not much else is promised. We are discovering the power of prayer. Family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, and people we have never met are praying. Both of us feel those prayers in real and unexpected ways. Words cannot begin to express our gratitude. In quiet and unanticipated ways God has shown up. Sometimes it’s in a conversation, a kind word, a touch on the shoulder, or a hug.

The tag line for the program I run is “See the Face of God in the City.” Over the past few months God has proven to be real. I have seen God’s face in the people I have encountered.