Cancer – the calm

Eleven years ago I experienced my first hurricane. I was traveling to Miami FL just as Katrina was coming ashore. This is the same storm that would later devastate the Gulf Coast region. First it had to cross over Florida. I remember clearly the landing. The pilot had informed us that it might be “bumpier than usual.” I have travelled a lot and this particular landing was the bumpiest I have ever experienced. Once the plane came to a stop at the end of the runway all of the passengers broke out in cheers. After disembarking I found my rental and drove south to Homestead. It was rainy and windy but I made it to my destination. Everyone was getting ready for a hurricane party. I still don’t understand the logic of hosting a party in a hurricane, but people in Florida do this kind of thing.

It is also important to note that Katrina was not a terribly strong hurricane at this point. As a matter of fact it may have been classified as a tropical depression. Regardless, it was impressive. At a certain point that evening, everything calmed down. The wind and the rain subsided. I thought the storm had passed. My more experienced hosts let me know that the eye was passing over. This was new to me. Calm in the middle of the storm.

In many ways this is where Rita and I find ourselves today. On Friday she went in for a MRI. The technicians collected the data and sent it on to be interpreted. They told us we probably wouldn’t hear anything before Monday or Tuesday. This weekend a winter storm rolled in to Colorado. This may delay hearing from the doctors.

In many ways this weekend has been calm. You could say deceptively calm. We have been “normal;” working, visiting and just being a couple. There are storm clouds on the horizon. We don’t know if it is going to be a tropical depression or a full blown hurricane. However in the middle of this journey a space of calm has emerged.

In Matthew 8 there is a story of Jesus sleeping in the middle of a storm. He found a space of rest when everyone was fearing for their lives. This weekend we have been thankful for this space; a place to rest before the storm.