Food and God

I am not a foodie, cook, chef, food enthusiast, or local vore.  But two years ago I quit fast food.  I like to eat and enjoy the quality of conversations that always seem to arise around the dinner table.  Fast food meals have rarely resulted in important conversations.  More often than not fast food is about getting something into my belly in the midst of a busy day. I now favor slow food!  Meals, especially those around the family dinner table, tend to be gateways to deep discussions.  These occasions have been times where the Holy Spirit shows up in powerful ways.  More than once a shared meal has led to telling and receiving stories of reconciliation, transformation, conversion and healing.

I am beginning to understand why communion is a meal.  I cannot help but wonder if sticking communion at the end of a church service misses the point of communion, at least the communion that Jesus initiated.  Examining ourselves, reflecting on how we may have intentionally or unintentionally hurt our brother or sister takes time.  Awareness builds as the conversation develops around the table.  All of this takes time.

I am not sure if one blog will change how we “do” communion at church.  Maybe one blog can influence a few folks to create more communion experiences at home.  That would be a good thing.