Have you ever wondered who was the most powerful of the seven dwarfs - Sneezy, Sleepy, Dopey, Doc, Happy, Bashful or Grumpy?  To be honest I never thought about this much until yesterday while I was getting my quarterly haircut.  I go to Sports Clips.  It is a barbershop full of TVs tuned to various ESPN channels.  I was in an unusually chatty mood, so I asked the lady who was cutting my hair if she enjoyed watching sports all day long. She admitted that when she started working at this shop a year ago she didn’t know much about any sport.  It quickly became clear that she had developed some strong opinions in the past 12 months.  For example she did not think that darts, pool, poker or golf should be considered sports.  After eliminating all the non-sporting activities she proceeded to “school” me on the recent Carmelo Anthony trade saga.

For those of you not familiar with NBA basketball, the Denver Nuggets recently traded their star player (Carmelo) to the New York Nicks, leaving Denver without a star player.  To everyone’s surprise the Nuggets have been playing like a Championship team since the trade - winning many more games than they are losing.

It was clear that the lady who was cutting my hair had been following the Nuggets closely this year.  Her final comment was profound. “I don’t care how big of a superstar Carmelo was, he was grumpy in Denver and it hurt the team.  When Carmelo left the team could be a team again. They are having fun and they are winning.”

Who is the most powerful dwarf?  Grumpy. Because when Grumpy is grumpy it affects everyone.  This seems to be especially true in the church.  When people are grumpy nothing seems life giving.  When the Christian faith becomes life-draining it quits being Christian.

If you are grumpy here is my advice – get a life.  One of the side effects of life is that it will drive out grumpiness!