Last Sunday the guest speaker at our church made an interesting statement, “Only someone you trust can betray you.”  I think he was right. So, how should this insight inform how I live?

There is the low risk option - choosing not to trust.  This would guarantee a life free of betrayal, heartache and meaningful relationships.  This would certainly be a “safe” way to live, but is doesn’t sound very fun or life-giving.

The price of safety? Living in isolation, both emotional and actual.

That leaves the high risk option – choosing to trust.  Taking a chance, opening your heart, risking.

Jesus calls us into trusting relationships, even though trusting others is dangerous business.

Was he off his rocker? Maybe.  But that doesn’t change the call.  The Christian faith has always included others, for example, there is the community of believers (you know the people we attend church with.)  Then to push things further Jesus called us to care about entire scope of humanity; read John 3:16.  Me and Jesus against the world may sound attractive, but it isn’t Christian.

Maybe this is why forgiveness plays such a central role in Christianity.  It creates space where trust can be reestablished.

Here is what I took away from church last Sunday:  forgive recklessly and unconditionally.  There are risks, but the alternative makes even less sense.