GPS lessons

A few years ago Robert Fulghum wrote a bestseller titled, All I Really Need to KnowI Learned in Kindergarten.  This past weekend a friend suggested that all we really need to know can be learned from our GPS devices.

When life throws you a curve ball – recalculate.

Sounds simple doesn’t it?  When things don’t work out, just readjust and change the plan - or as my boys like to say, “Take a chill pill.”

If you are anything like me, it is much easier to ask someone else to readjust and change rather than to do it yourself.  I like to make plans and when something or someone interrupts those plans taking a chill pill is not my go-to reaction.  It would be more honest to say I tend to end up getting frustrated and sometimes angry.

Is it possible that learning to recalculate reduces stress?

There is a lot of stress involved when things always have to go according to my plan.  Learning to let go and readjust has the potential to be freeing.  It means I don’t always have to be in control.  And, not being in control is Christ-like.

It was Jesus who, being in his very nature God, gave it all up.  It was after the incident in the Garden of Eden when God had to recalculate.

Enjoy your GPS, and smile a little when you find yourself recalculating.