Just let it go

I was back at Gunther Toody’s again this week.  Every Thursday there is a group of mostly older men who meet over breakfast.  About 1/3 of them are retired ministry people.  The conversations can and do go in almost any direction.  This week one of the men was sharing about a recent family reunion.  It seems that past gatherings had been filled with contentious discussions about faith and theology.  But in recent years the divisiveness has been fading.  When I asked why, he simply said, “As you get older you just learn to let things go.”

That simple statement just might be the key to living better.

Holding on to grudges, hurts and past wrong doings causes stress – lots of stress.  Getting caught up in office, family or church politics can turn your hair grey quickly.  Having to be right or prove that you are right in every situation can lead to heartburn.

I am not suggesting that letting everything go is healthy or right.  It isn’t, there are times when we need to stand up for what is right.  What I am suggesting is that you stop and think before you move into a high stress situation. 

Ask yourself, “Is this worth getting all worked up over?”

Needing to prove that you are right and the other is wrong is quite simply not enough of a reason to get all worked up.  Maybe you just need to let it go.

When Jesus stood before the Chief Priest shortly before his crucifixion, being accused of all sorts of things, he chose to remain silent.  He seemed to know when to let it go.

Wise people have learned when to engage and when to let it go.