The Dweller

The other day I received an email from James Jordan, a former Miami Dweller who recently relocated to Mexico City.  Part way through the first paragraph he made the following comment, Coming from an office job in Miami where I generally worked 8 hours a day, it's both unsettling and rejuvenating to come to a place where there it's almost impossible to separate work & ministry from personal time.  Everything is mixed together here and it's often hard to say if I'm simply spending time with a friend or doing ministry.

I can appreciate his struggle.  It seems that North American culture is bent on creating walls of division.  How did we get to a place where work, personal, family and ministry time are all separate and distinct from each other?  When an individual chooses to blend family, work, personal and ministry they are often viewed as immature or dysfunctional.

Is it possible that all this division leads to a type of schizophrenia?  When everything is separate and distinct the stress of managing these different realities can quickly become unbearable.

The Jesus I read about in the New Testament lived a pretty mixed up life.  He was a son, a friend, a leader and a Savior.  From what I can tell, he never bothered to separate the roles.  When he called his disciples, he called the entirety of who they were.

We have bought into a deception when we start dividing our lives into little pieces.  The call to be a follower of Christ is about the whole person.  We don’t have to be a bunch of separate personalities.  It is possible to live one whole life.

Go for it; mix your life up a little.  Have some fun!