Have you ever wondered where we would find our self-esteem if we didn’t have enemies?  The truth of this impacts every corner of our lives. Nationally, we are Americans; many believe this the greatest country on earth.  If we are the greatest, then others places have to be less great.  We can feel even better about our greatness if there are countries that are so evil that we can refer to them as the enemy.

I live in Denver; from my perspective, the Broncos are the greatest football team ever.  We deserve to win the Super Bowl.  Nothing pumps up Denver’s self-esteem more than to defeat our arch enemy – the Oakland Raiders.  If we win only two games next year and both of those are against Oakland, the season wasn’t a total loss.

As individuals we are constantly comparing ourselves against others.  I suspect that we do not use the word “enemy,” but it is nice to know that we are better than the other person.

What would happen if our enemies became our friends?

What is the cost to our souls when our self-esteem is so tied to being better?

In John 15, Jesus tells his followers that they are no longer servants but friends.  In doing this, he tied personhood and self-esteem to things like love, respect and mutuality.  As a Christian, I find my self-esteem in being a child of God.  I no longer need enemies.

I am not sure what to do about the Raiders, but a life without the need to hate and put down sounds good.