Remembering my Mom

Today is Mothers Day.   My mother passed away May 13, 2003.

 So this is not an easy day for me.  I still miss my mom.

 On this day I want to use this space to share some memories.

 My mother was a person who loved people.  As a sister, she always spoke well of her siblings and she adored her nieces and nephews.  Visiting relatives was always a priority. 

 She became a nurse because she wanted to care for people, not just their bodies – but their souls as well. 

 I would not describe my mother as a good housekeeper.  For her the house was never as important as the people who occupied it.  And work never took precedence over family.  Family was much more than blood – once you were in there was no way out.

 As a friend she knew how to find the best in people.  I cannot recall my mother ever saying an unkind word about anybody.

 In her role as a “pastor’s wife” she knew how to support her husband – not as a tag along, but as an equal partner.  She knew the key to ministry, you could see it in her face, feel it in her touch, and experience it in her presence – she loved people - unconditionally.  She knew how to put people at ease.  When someone needed to talk Mom knew how to listen.  When compassion was required Mom knew how to weep.  She knew that being a help-mate meant helping others find and experience a loving, caring and compassionate God.  It meant helping her husband, children, and grandchildren in the battle for their faith.  It meant being a rock to cling to in troubled times.  My mother knew that strength was more than muscles – it was an inner spiritual fortitude – nurtured through a life of prayer.  Her love was something that strengthened everyone who came in touch with her.

 Her desire to have grandchildren was made crystal clear to Rita and me 16 Christmas’s ago when around the dinner table my mother, my timid mother, lamented that she would die before she became a Gramma – talk about “loving” pressure.

 The words of the country music song say, “I guess it’s not what you take when you leave this world behind you, it’s what you leave behind you when you go.”  My mother chose well.  She chose people over programs, family over work, prayer over business, and love over things.

 Today I am thankful for legacy of my mother.  If your mother is still around, give her a call, tell her you love her.