Better Mistakes

I turn 45 this month. Generally I try to ignore my birthday.  For reasons I do not fully understand, this birthday seems different. I have crossed a line. I am no longer referred to as “young.”  My hair color can best be described as “grey.”  And later this year, my wife and I will celebrate our 24th wedding anniversary.  Spun more positively, I am gaining experience. Aging does have benefits. The other day someone told me that I now have the opportunity to make “better mistakes.”  My resume is full of lousy mistakes.  I have hurt people by talking first and thinking second.  More than once I have chosen second or third best because I lacked the patience to consider all the options.  The word, “Sorry,” has not been used nearly enough in my conversations with others.  I have misjudged people too often for superficial reasons.

I doubt any of us will arrive at a “mistake free” existence anytime soon.  We all blow it from time-to-time.

My hope for my next 45 years is that I will make better mistakes. I want to do more thinking and less talking.  I want stop and think before rushing in and choosing the easiest option.  I want to spend more time apologizing and less time defending. I want to hear a person’s story before I jump to conclusions.

I want to better live out the Apostle Paul’s more excellent way. I want to choose to love first and make better mistakes.