I was thinking… about citizenship

You can learn a lot about a church by visiting its sanctuary. I enjoy getting guided tours. One can learn a lot about a particular congregation just by how the worship space is set-up. A few weeks ago a pastor was giving me a tour of the church he worked at. As we entered the sanctuary I noticed that they had two flags – a church flag and an American flag. This in and of itself is not all that uncommon. Lots of churches have flags.

On this particular day, the flags got me thinking. Would Jesus have put flags in his church?

In Matthew 6:24, Jesus makes the following statement, “No one can serve two masters…” As Jesus wraps up this verse he says, “You cannot serve God and money.” The common interpretation of this verse goes this way: Jesus was speaking only about money.

Interpreting Jesus’ words this way certainly make the “No one can serve two masters” statement more palatable.

How would our lives change if we interpreted “No one can serve two masters” at face value? Can you call yourself a Christian and serve both God and Country?

My initial reaction was to ignore the thought. It is one thing to talk about the seduction of money, but suggesting that service to our country might equal serving the wrong master will not win any popularity points.

In Philippians 3:20, the Apostle Paul declares that our “citizenship is in heaven.”

Now I am left with the following question, “Is it OK with God to hold dual citizenship?”