Every once in a while, someone makes a statement that stops me in my tracks. Last Wednesday, in a diner just outside the Philadelphia airport, I heard one of these statements.

“It is a myth that people with different understandings of theology can’t worship together.”

We live in a culture that divides over everything.

Democrat or Republican. CNN or Fox News. John Stewart or Rush Limbaugh. Ford or Chevy.

In a perfect world these differences are what make us unique. But lately it seems that our differences have become dividing walls that keep people apart. Democrats cannot be friends with Republicans. Those who watch CNN look down on those who watch Fox news (and vice versa). Rather than celebrating our differences, we demonize those who are different.

This is not helpful.

The church in not immune from this either. We have bought into the temptation to divide over our differences.

“The music is too loud! Let’s look for a new church.”

“You can’t go to that church; the pastor is too liberal (or conservative).”

I cannot help but wonder what God thinks of all this dividing. I suspect that it breaks God’s heart.

What will it take to get past the pride of my “rightness” and learn to worship with people who think differently than me?

Maybe we can even change the words to a song many of us first learned as children.

Jesus loves the little children, all the children of the world
Conservative and liberal
Pentecostal and traditional
Democratic and republican
Those for universal health care and those for the private plan
All the people of the world.

Can all these people worship together in unity?