What this planet needs…

This is that time of year for predictions, dreams and hopes.

Will the economy turn around?

Will terrorist strike in North America again?

Will there be an affordable health care option this year?

Will our wars in Afghanistan and Iraq finally come to an end?

Will 3-D TV become a reality in 2010?

Who will win the smart phone war – Google or Apple?

I would like to add a personal hope for 2010. Just before Christmas I was given a poster and the quote on the bottom summarizes my hope for 2010, “What this plant needs is more mistletoe and less missile talk.”

Is this even possible?

Can mistletoe defeat bullies?

I have always been told that only way to deal with evil is with strength. Sometimes bullies need to be beat down.

Does this work?

As a kid, one fight always led to another fight. Beatdowns always seemed to incite a need for revenge, which led to more fights.

This need for revenge is not something we grow out of. Retaliation happens at all levels of society.

It isn’t working.

Someone once told me that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results.

Revenge, troop surges and terrorism don’t seem to be working. Here is my proposal: let’s try something new for 2010.

Are you ready to replace the need for revenge with something closer to mistletoe?