This past weekend our family went camping at one of our favorite Colorado locations – Duck Creek Campground. Part of what makes this spot so fun is the opportunity to explore the ghost town of Geneva City. During its heyday, around the turn of last century, a community of about 300 silver miners sprung up. By 1950, the town was completely abandoned, mostly due to declining silver prices.

Exploring this former town and imagining how people lived is something we like to do.

Taking the time to imagine and explore is important.

In our culture there is this overwhelming pressure to go to school to get a degree that will lead to a well-paying job.

This does not leave much time for anything else.

I worry that there are not enough spaces in our lives for imagining possibilities and exploring options.

Scripture is loaded with stories of people who withdrew to the wilderness to think, reflect and listen to the voice of God. Even Jesus spent 40 days in the dessert before beginning his time of ministry.

In DOOR’s year-long Dwell program, we work at creating safe places for young adults to ask the tough and sometimes awkward questions.

“Why is 11 am on Sunday still the most segregated hour in America?”

“Why doesn’t the church do more to prevent war?”

“Can a human being really be illegal?”

“Can the church really be a safe place for all people?”

These questions often lead to new understandings which in turn lead to a willingness to imagine and explore new possibilities.

When this happens the church moves one step closer to making Jesus’ prayer a reality. “Your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” (Matthew 6:10)